What Is a Super Automatic Espresso Machine?

If you love a good shot of espresso, chances are that you know how tedious it can be to grind up your own espresso beans, sit in front of your mocha pot, wait for your shot to be done and clean your espresso machine afterwards.

It’s a lot easier to get a shot of espresso at a coffee shop because you don’t have to deal all of the intricacies of the brewing processes.

But, a super automatic espresso machine allows you to enjoy a great shot of espresso without all of these extra hassles involved.

Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Introducing the Super Automatic Espresso Machine

These machines are an all-in-one model. What this means is that you can have everything done for you all with one machine. You don’t need a separate grinder for your beans. You don’t have to sit there and try to froth your own milk or buy a separate machine that will do the frothing for you.

A super automatic model does it all:

  • Grinds Beans: When you use pre-ground beans, you’re not harnessing the maximum flavor that coffee beans have to offer. Within hours of the grinding process, the flavor starts to deteriorate and lessen. With an automatic grinder built in to the espresso machine, you have freshly ground beans all the time, ensuring maximum flavor extraction from your beans.
  • Frothing: Baristas will ensure that you have that perfect layer of froth on top of your latte– it’s one of the best parts of a latte in my opinion. But, you’ll need another machine to do this for you, meaning you’ll have to spend more money than you want to. Super automatic includes frothing steam wand so that you never have to miss out on delicious froth again.
  • Self-cleaning: Cleaning is a hassle because you have to take apart normal machines and clean them intricately. Most of time, you’ll have residue left inside of your espresso machine that lessens the flavor you’ll experience. Plus, it takes quite a long time to clean the machine by hand. Most models in the super automatic category are partially self-cleaning. This means that all the intricate parts that are hard to get to will be cleaned for you.

Essentially, these are advanced models that take all of the hassles out of making espresso at home. This is especially true with self-cleaning mechanisms because you don’t have to go inside to brush or take apart the machine fully to clean it adequately.

And, many of these models will also include self-programming options that allow you to choose the amount of espresso, the desired brew temperature and maybe even set an automatic brew for when you wake up in the morning.

Brew groups exist that will push your espresso “puck” into a container, which you will have to clean by hand and dump out.

There are different styles of bean grinders that are included. You’ll find some are conical, while others are not. You always want to ensure that the beans do not get too hot when being ground. This will actually harm the flavor of the bean, which is not ideal.

So, a super automatic takes all the hard work out of a semi-automatic espresso machine while still producing a great taste.

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